Personality project for


I am Bryce Dobbs, I go to poplar bluff highschool and I average a 9.9 gpa on a 11 point scale. I also play two sports, baseball and football. I plan on going to college but i don't know where yet, probley somewhere cold, I dont plan on staying close to home but if i have to i will. My favorite hobbies are to fish and hunt and read but i have to be in the mood to read.

♠My animal-Bear

Although bears belong to the order Carnivora, they are actually omnivorous and their diets vary greatly depending on where they live. Highly adaptable creatures, they have a range that extends throughout Europe and most of North America and are found in both forest and mountainous regions. Bears are well-armed for conflict. Equipped with sharp, non-retractable claws, their powerfully built bodies are capable of defending against any aggressor. Although they do occasionally attack and kill small deer, their favorite foods are fish and fruit.Their gruff, outgoing personalities and burly physiques make bears easy to identify, especially as their natural confidence and swaggering gaits puts others on notice that a bear is present. Bears require a great deal of personal space and – when they enter a room -- the tension level rises perceptibly.

♣My sidekick

Baloo is laidback and kind — what more could you want in a sidekick? He's all about living a happy life, and his optimism would undoubtedly be contagious, not to mention comforting, too.

♥My Comfort in Social Situations number

ou either feel comfortable in some social settings and ill-at-ease in others, or you're just someone who generally needs time to settle in and familiarize yourself with a social situation before you can relax. Overall, you may feel awkward when you first meet people but eventually loosen up once you get to know them. This isn't a problem per se, unless you feel that this timidity or hesitation holds you back. Like learning to drive or working a muscle, it's normal that being comfortable in social situations takes time to develop. Don't let this discourage you, and don't allow uncomfortable social situations you faced in the past to sidetrack you. Keep working on your social skills and exposing to yourself to new social situations, a little bit at a time.

♥If i was a dog

You like to play, but you'll also work if you have to. You also love attention and aren't afraid to try whatever you can to get it!

♠My tree

Just as a redwood rises above other trees, you are a leader among your friends. You think through decisions, make good choices from the get go, and you stick with them. People admire that strength in you, and rely on you for it.